We serve the discerning customer with high quality home and laundry products. We manufacture different grades of detergent powder, liquid detergents and bars & dishwashing liquid and bars, scouring powder. Our Products are available at retail stores across South India.

Dry Mix Detergents:

We offer FMCG clients toll manufacturing and processing services, with onsite packing and labelling, for all kinds of dry mixes.

We offer a variety of Detergent Grades with varying strengths and active matter percentages to meet the need of our customers. With over 60 years of our expertise and continuous improvement in our processes, we are able to offer products of utmost quality.

Other range of Products

OOB Floor Cleaner Solution

  • Make your home, office and the world a better and safer place with our floor cleaner
  • OOB disinfectant surface cleaning liquid can be used either directly or diluted
  • OOB Surface and Floor cleaning liquid is easy to use and keeps you safe; Dirt-free and healthy surroundings

OOB Dishwash Liquid

  • Designed for easy and comfortable cleaning; Removes even the toughest stains
  • OOB dish wash liquid is so strong that just one spoonful cleans an entire sink full of utensils.
  • Easy to use and highly effective.
  • Hygienic for dishes and long lasting shine

OOB Detergent Liquid

  • OOB Detergent liquid keeps your clothes looking fresh and bright. Retains colour, removes stains
  • Instantly dissolves in washing machines and gives a perfect wash.
  • Easier to use and highly effective

OOB Handwash Liquid

  • Keeps your hands clean and provides maximum protection; Safe ingredients that make you feel nice and soft
  • Dual action of being tough on germs and soft on hands
  • Natural ingredients for softer, nice after-wash feel with pleasant fragrance

OOB White plus
Detergent Powder

New and improved formula that makes your clothes look cleaner and imparts a pleasant fragrance.

Retail packing: Available in 1000gm, 500gm, 160gm, 80gm

OOB Shine
Dishwash Bar

Active lemon ingredients that effectively removes dirt and makes your dishes shine.

Retail packing: Available in 500gm, 250gm

OOB Sweta
Copper and Brass Cleaning Powder

Special cleaning powder to give long-lasting shine to your Copper and Brass lamps.

Retail packing: Available in 200gm, 50gm