Inorganic Pigments

UPL manufactures a variety of Inorganic Pigments such as,

Ultramarine blues (Pigment Blue 29), Ultramarine Violets (Pigment Violet 15), Bismuth Vanadate (Pigment Yellow 184), and various mixed metal oxides.

UPL focuses on the manufacture of environmentally friendly pigments that can be used safely across a variety of end-uses, including paints, plastics, inks, laundry, cosmetics, etc.


1. Ultramarine Blue (Pigment Blue 29)

UPL is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Ultramarine Blue. Our 

Ultramarine Blue is used across a range of products, from chairs for the Beijing Olympics to professional artist colours in Europe. Found in nature as the semi-precious stone Lapis Lazuli, it is highly heat and light stable, tolerates high temperatures, is non-toxic and does not stain cloth. It lends stability to plastic structures, reducing warpage, and is considered an optical brightener and an excellent tinting agent. It is widely used to make whites whiter, to make greys and blacks more attractive, and is a unique and attractive reddish Blue.

At UPL, we manufacture over 50 grades of Ultramarine Blue, varying in colour, strength, moisture content and other physical and chemical properties. We also make more specialized grades, depending on the customer’s needs, including thermal stability, acid resistance, filter pressure values, etc.


We currently cater to the plastics, coating, inks, cosmetics, fiber, stationary, laundry, paints, mining and construction industries.

2. Ultramarine Violet (Pigment Violet 15)

A variant of the Ultramarine Blue family, Ultramarine Violet (PV15) is used in the plastics, paints, stationary, personal care and other industries for tinting purposes.

We manufacture many grades of Violet, depending on the need and use of the customers.


3. Bismuth Vanadate

A safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly inorganic pigments popularly known for alternative to lead and chromium based yellow pigments, Pigment Yellow 184 is a bright greenish yellow that occurs in nature as pucherite.


UPL offers a variety of grade for use in paints and coatings, and high temperature stable grades for use in plastics, especially nylon.

3. Mixed Metal Oxides

We manufacture a wide range of Mixed Metal Oxides pigments that have high UV stability, chemically stable with acid, alkali and other organic solvent.

It has high heat resistance and high infrared and solar reflectance. As a result of these properties, these MMOs are used in coating, cool coating, ceramics, glazes, plastics and many other applications.

All grades are comparable to industry standards.

Our range of Mixed Metal Oxide Pigments;

4. Retail Products

Laundry Pigments:

Laundry blue is mainly used for washing white clothes and are also largely used for white washing walls.

  • OOB Temple
  • OOB Blue
  • OOB Extra

Cleaning products:

A wide range of products for cleaning purpose

  • OOB Floor Cleaner Solution 
  • OOB Handwash Liquid 
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