Mixed Metal Oxides


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Mixed Metal Oxides

We manufacture a wide range of mixed metal oxide pigments that have high UV stability, chemically stable with acid, alkali, and other organic solvents.

It has high heat resistance and high infrared and solar reflectance. As a result of these properties, these MMOs are used in coating, cool coating, ceramics, glazes, plastics, and many other applications.

All grades are comparable to industry standards.

Our range of Mixed Metal Oxide Pigments

  • Pigment Brown 24 (Chrome Antimony Titanium)
  • Pigment Blue 28 (Cobalt Aluminate)
  • Pigment Black 26
  • Pigment Black 28 (Copper Chromite)
  • Pigment Blue 36 (Cobalt Chromium)
  • Pigment Green 50 (Cobalt Titanate)
  • Pigment Yellow 53 (Nickel Antimony Titanate)
  • Pigment Yellow 164 (Manganese Antimony Titanium)
  • Pigment Yellow 119 (Zinc Ferrite)
  • Pigments Yellow 216 (Tan Zinc)
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